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Endemic Birding Tour



Andaman is a part of India, formed by more than 300 Islands in the Bay of Bengal nearer to Myanmar than to the Indian mainland. Most are uninhabited and covered in pristine rain forest. The avifauna is very rich and rather different from that of the rest of India having closer affinities with that of Southeast Asia. A particular attraction are the 20 endemic species. In another 40 species are common here but not easily found on the Indian mainland. As the islands have been relatively little explored by ornithologists, there is scope for increasing the list of 230 or so species, particularly during migration times. For those who want a change from birding there is the possibility of snorkelling on the coral reefs or just swimming and sunbathing. The Andaman Islands promise an incredible surprise.


PortBlair in the island of South Andaman, the capital of the Bay Islands as they are sometimes called, is the usual part of arrival by air or sea. There are regular flights to PortBlair from Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata. The best time for birding in Andaman is from September to April.


We offer you birding tours which includes 4 nights and 5 days. Within 5 days you should able to see 150 species including 20 species endemics and 40 species specialty.


Endemic Birds in Andaman   Nicobar

01.   Andaman Serpent-eagle

02.   Andaman Crake

03.   Brown Coucal

04.   Andaman Scops-owl

05.   Narcondam Hornbill

06.   Andaman Woodpecker

07.   Andaman Drongo

08.   Andaman Treepie

09.   Andaman Shama

10.    Andaman Bulbul

11.     Bar-bellied Cuckooshrike

12.    Andaman Wood Pigeon

13.    Andaman Cuckoo Dove

14.    Andaman Hawk Owl

15.    White -headed Starling

16.    Andaman Barn Owl

17.    Hume’s Hawk Owl

18.    Andaman Flowerpecker

19.    Andaman Green Pigeon

20.   Sunda Teal                                   

21.    Beach Thick-knee

22.   Andaman Nightjar

23.   Glossy Swiftlet

24.   Spot-breasted woodpecker

25.   White-breasted Woodswallow

26.   Pacific Swallow

27.   Olive Backed Sunbird

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