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Jeep Safari

to Mankulam, Munnar through the Dense Forests

Your experience at Hornbill Camp isn’t complete without taking a safari through the lush forests of Kallar, in Munnar. Your journey starts after a hearty breakfast, and you’ll be accompanied by our resident naturalist. During the safari, they will be giving you a better idea of the place, its wildlife, and other interesting facts. Your vehicle is a four-wheeler Mahindra, perfect for off-roading.


Your safari starts from Palamattom and the first stop is the Mattupetty Kuthu waterfalls. The route to the waterfalls will take you through the Thattekkad bird sanctuary, allowing you to take a peek at a few exotic breeds of birds. You’ll also pass through the Panthapra tribal colony.


The safari takes a break at the Mattupetty Kuttu waterfalls and you can take a stroll through the area, and munch on refreshments while taking in the scene. If you’re lucky enough to visit in the monsoon, the dam is full of water, and the forests beside it are thriving green.


The safari heads into a deep bamboo forest to reach Avorukutty Kuthu. The sensory experience of this ride is quite memorable. Your view is of the long bamboo stalks and the chirps of the birds and calls of wild animals are fascinating to hear. After a rest stop at the Avorkutty kuthu waterfalls, your safari continues through the Kuruthikudi tribal colony. These tribes are more open to the public and come across as modern but as always, they prefer not to be disturbed. If you’d like, you can interact with the tribals and observe their daily routine.


The safari gets rockier from here as you head deeper into the bamboo forests. You’d notice the roads are narrow and difficult to get across. You are likely to hear elephants in the distance and you may even spot a herd of these ivory-clad mammals on the way. You’ll find yourself at Karinthiri Mala, a place of historic significance. The Aluva-Munnar road, built by British during colonial rule, was washed away by an ancient earthquake. The remnant of this ruin is a fascinating experience for travelers.


Your next stop is at Perumbankuthu, where the road faces a waterfall leading into a forest. Your lunch is served here, while you enjoy the view and take in the roaming fauna. As the sun’s glare softens, your next experience is at Ankulam. This area is known to be popular for elephant sightings. Herds of elephants flock together to drink bath and bathe themselves from the river there. But be warned: don’t approach the river at any point since there is a risk of being caught in a stampede.


You get back on the road and resume your journey back to Munnar, through Kallar. Your journey takes you through the famous tea estates of Munnar. You can spend your evening in town, buying their best spices from the market and getting a spot of snacks at their tea shops. You’ll drive back to Hornbill Camp before nightfall.

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