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A Jeep Safari to the Tribal Villages Kalleli Medu, Kunjipara Kudi, Kadampara Kuthu

Sometimes a small get away to the tranquil villages nearby is just what you need to shake off your blues and reconnect with nature and that is why after our  pleasant stay at Hornbill, we are readying ourselves for a venturesome jeep safari through the tribal villages close to us. Teeming with all kinds of animals, elephants and more, this is an excellent drive to let yourself go and be one with nature. The earthy smells are sure to get you on an all time natural high. Tagging along is an experienced naturalist who will give us a better idea of the places and wildlife that awaits us. With a sumptuous lunch at our side we reach our first village a short while later at Kalleli Medu. But our journey has just started. Nestled in a heavily forested area, Kalleli Medu, like other tribal villages is home to plentiful plants and animals. And here we are familiarizing ourselves with the myths and legends of a settlement so close but still so distant to us. The beauty in the silent symphony of forests and rivers is hardly ever paralleled. Soon, we find ourselves on top of Koduperikuthu waterfalls. This sparkling cascade is a popular picnic spot and excursion destination round the year. And what is better than a luscious lunch near the waterfalls? After filling ourselves up we walk down and our jeep  picks us up at the bottom and we are off to our next stop; the tribal settlement of Kunjipara Kudi. Kunjipara Kudi is the perfect spot to understand the cultural practices of the tribal settlements because our understanding of them is far from adequate. After indulging in the breathtaking views and visiting all the important local sites we leave for the second traditional tribal settlement- the Kandampara settlement. Famous for harboring elephants, we walk along the river in search for these gentle giants. We follow their dusky smell in the hope of seeing one at least from afar. As pleasant as it would be to lodge ourselves there forever, it’s time to wake up and so we are back at our plush camp after a heavy dose of momma earth. After all it’s not every day that we get to do this.

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