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from Hornbill Camp

Cycle Tour

Awaken your sense of adventure by taking this 4-hour long cycle tour through some of the attractions around Hornbill Camp. This tour covers 24 kilometers and your guide will take you through some of the most underrated areas in the region.


Your first destination is the longest hanging bridge, which is a two-kilometer ride from the camp. The experience of taking a ride over this slightly swaying bridge, from a daunting height will stay with you long after you head back home. The ride takes you through a little village known for its plantations- jackfruit, tapioca, rubber and black pepper.


After you pass the village, your tour leads into the Neriamangalam Reserve Forest. The forest is rich with tropical shrubs and trees, and the ground is slightly mountainous. You’ll also come across waterfalls and streams running through the greenery. Your tour will take some rest in between and freshen up, taking in the fascinating sight, before getting back to pedaling.


The forest leads the way to a historic bridge, which is fondly referred to as ‘The Gateway to the High Ranges'. Its popularity is due to the fact that is was built by The Maharaja of Travancore. Past this, you’ll cycle into the small town of Neriamangalam. You can rest yourself and walk around the village, which is known for its agriculture and its lovely market.


After your stroll, the tour will be taken back to Hornbill Camp from a deviation through Avolichal Road. This route is preferred because the road is surrounded by rubber plantations, and is a great way to finish your long tour.

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